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Real Estate Law

We specialise in the area of law that governs buying, using and selling land. It's the law that governs how people acquire property and what they can do with the property that they own.

Corporate Commercial Law

Commercial law deals generally with those legal principles applied in the world of business and applies to persons and entities who are engaged in business and commercial transactions. Corporate law deals with those legal principles applicable to companies and other legal entities.

Commercial and Residential Property Developments

As experts in new developments, we form part of the professional team who advises the Developer of the legal requirements in property land use application, zoning and requirements under SPLUMA (16 of 2013), drafting of Property Joint Venture Agreements, Property Due diligences, Transfer of property entities as a going concern in terms of the VAT Act, drafting of supplier agreements, service level agreements, and opening of Sectional Title register at the Deeds office.

Transfers At Deeds Office

When the ownership of a property is moved from one person to another person through selling or when the owner of the property dies. The evidence of ownership must be registered at the deeds office for it to be valid.

Notary Services

Our Notaries Public perform a broad range of notarial services for clients, including the drafting of antenuptial contracts, notarial deeds of servitude and exclusive use areas. Notarial documents must be attested before the Notary Public and notarial deeds are registered at the Deeds Office. We also include services such as authenticating a document for overseas use, (Apostille certificates) certifying a copy of a document, witnessing a signature on a document and certifying qualifications.

Mortgage Bond Registrations

A new bond registration takes place where a Purchaser purchases property and a mortgage bond is to be registered as a first bond to finance the purchase price.

Tenant/Landlord Disputes

We specialise in drafting and vetting residential leases, together with advising and representing clients in various forums such as the Rental housing tribunal, Magistrates Court, and or Small Claims Court for collection of outstanding rentals, and or return of deposits held by landlords.

Outstanding Rental Collection

We make sure that non-paying tenants are properly dealt with. We will manage the process the best way possible.

Legal Advice To REIT

We provide legal support to various listed Property funds on an outsourced basis, as support to their internal legal department, we specialise in Acquisition and Sales. Prepare draft offer to purchase / sale agreement and or attend to amendments thereof, Monitor and follow up on suspensive conditions and prepare confirmation notices on the date of fulfillment of each suspensive condition.

Dispute Resolution at CSOS

We specialise in advising clients living in community schemes, i.e Sectional title property owners, and or owners in Cluster developments managed by Home owners associations,(HOA), Body Corporates and Directors of HOAs with regards to disputes that can be adjudicated under the CSOS Act (9/2011).

Sectional Title Property Law

We are specialists in Sectional Title property law, and we provide training and advise to Trustees of Body corporates and directors of Home owners associations under the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act.

Deceased Estate Administrations and Trust law

Administering a deceased estate involves distributing assets to your beneficiaries after all debts have been settled. This process is regulated by law and is overseen by the Master of the High Court. We provide complete service offering in winding up deceased estates, from drafting your last Will and Testament to legal advice under the Trust Property Control Act, we also attend to registration and administration of Trusts.

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